Adventure Weeks

To truly experience La Grave and the surrounding area you need more than a day!

Explore our adventure weeks and let us show you around this amazing hidden corner of the French Alps.

We can also customize your own perfect adventure week. Check out our custom offerings.

Enduro Lift Access Week

Not your average bike park week, as we seek out the lesser known enduro trails accessed by lifts

Basing in La Grave for the week, we will explore all of the nearby bike lift stations, each within an hour drive, and then finish on the incredible King Stone Road in La Grave! 

Day 1- Serre Chevalier 

Day 2- Deux-Alpes

Day 3- Montgenèvre

Day 4- Alpe d’Huez

Day 5- La Grave

All Mountain Endurance Week

Come and test your physical limits while enjoying incredible trails and views

Do you want to test your endurance on some of the most incredible trails in the French Alps? Then this week is for you. Using our legs* to power us up the climbs, we will be rewarded with technical descents and unimaginable views of the mountains in the Parc National des Écrins and beyond! 

This itinerary is flexible and can be adapted to your group.

Day 1- Grand Tour of the Hamlets: 30 km +1109m/-1109m

Day 2- Les Cerces: 43km +2080m/-2113m

Day 3- La Malaine: 14.5km +813m/-1375m

Day 4- Le Mélézin: 24km +1242m/-1242m

Day 5- Plateau d’Emparis: Options range from 27km-52km and +922/-922 up to +2400/-2400

*This week is also welcome to those who would prefer an electric MTB. If you choose to ride on an electric MTB and want to go longer distances, we can easily add-on more options to each of these outings to make the climbs and descents longer each day.

Ultimate Enduro Week

This incredible week allows us to maximize descents by using shuttles while exploring the Hautes Alpes

If you love riding long, technical, and flowy trails in the mountains and want to experience the best that La Grave and the surrounding area has to offer, then this is the week for you. Basing in La Grave for the week, we will use a shuttle to gain the majority of the climbs to maximize the descending each day, but will also continue further with our legs some days to enjoy hidden and epic descents. The options in our mountains are endless with a shuttle assist and a bit of human power too!

This itinerary is flexible and can be adapted to your group.


Day 1- La Grave to Bourg D’Oisans Enduro: 24km +477/-3370

Besse, Col de Sarenne, Alpe d’Huez, Sardonne

Day 2- Bourg d’Oisans Enduro: 21 km +760 -2390

Malaine, Chemin du Facteur, Fôret de l’Ours

Day 3- Les Cerces Enduro: 37km +1142m/-2953m

Col du Galibier, Col de la Ponsonnière, Cerces, Chemin du Roi, Lautaret, La Grave

Day 4- Briançon Enduro: 12km +0/-2032m

Granon, Mélézin, and Fort des Trois Têtes

Day 5- Télépherique in La Grave: 15km +150/-3930m (an average day)

King Stone Road and more!

Grand Traverse of the Hautes-Alpes

The complete Grande Traverse of the Hautes-Alpes is an epic athletic and mountain experience of a lifetime. Starting in La Grave and finishing in Laragne-Montéglin, we travel over 350km (218 miles) and gain and descend around 17000m (55,755 ft)!


7-10 days, depending on variation. Contact us for more information.