Enduro riding is the essence of riding here in La Grave and our neighboring trails. Our descents are technical and unique as we travel through alpine and forested terrain with views of glaciers and towering mountain faces. With the assistance of a shuttle, we will maximize the descending for the day. Depending on the trail and the chosen options, we might pedal or carry our bikes throughout the day to reach the top of certain trails, but the idea is to maximize gravity within a mountain experience.

La Grave to Bourg D’Oisans Enduro

Besse, Col de Sarenne, Alpe d’Huez, Sardonne, Chemin du Facteur

24 km +477m/-3370m

Starting in La Grave, we will take the shuttle to the top of the Plateau d’Emparis and then descend an excellent trail down to Besse. From here, we will hop back into the shuttle which will take us up to the Col de Sarenne. Then we will traverse into Alpe d’Huez, and after a short climb, descend the Sardonne, an amazing trail that takes us all the way down to the road near Le Plan. From here, we will take the shuttle up to Villar-Reymond, and ride the Chemin du Facteur all the way down to Bourg d’Oisans!

The Plateau d’Emparis Enduro

Mizoën, the Lakes of the Plateau, Chazelet, La Chapelle

19 km +504m/-1292m

We will take a shuttle to the top of the Plateau d’Emparis on its western edge. From here we find ourselves at the top of one of the best trails in the area that takes us down to the village of Mizoën. After enjoying the descent, we hop back into the shuttle, which takes us back up to the Plateau. From here, we set off to enjoy some of the best views in the Alps, riding technical single tracks while looking out at la Meije, the glaciers, and the mountains beyond. We finish with the classic technical descent of La Chapelle to reach La Grave and celebrate a great day!

Briançon Enduro

Granon, Mélézin, and Fort des Trois Têtes

12 km  +0m/-2032m

Shuttle to Col de Granon, descend to St-Chaffrey. Shuttle to Mélézin, and descend the excellent trail back down to Briançon. If there’s time, we can add one more mini-shuttle to the Ancien Fort des Trois Têtes, and after exploring the historical fortress, we will enjoy one last descent that finishes next to a great Italian Gelato shop!

Col du Galibier to La Grave

An Introduction to Mountain Biking with Shuttle Assistance

16.5 km +330m/-1394m

A perfect and scenic entry into mountain biking. After taking a shuttle to the top of the Col du Galibier, we descend an old 4×4 road, and then after a quick climb back up to the Col du Lautaret, we descend an incredible trail that stares out at la Meije and the surrounding glaciers. It is a spectacular descent of 1394m, with only 330m of ascent. Come experience this amazing ride off two iconic mountain passes in the Alps while enjoying the spectacular views.