All Mountain

Do you want to test your endurance and techniques on some of the most incredible trails in the French Alps? Then our All Mountain adventures are for you.

Using either a traditional or electric mountain bike, we will power up the climbs and will be rewarded with technical descents and unimaginable views of the mountains in the Parc National des Écrins and beyond! 

The rides take place in an all-mountain environment where you can find yourself alone on rugged trails for hours on end. This type of riding is for those who love adventure and a technical challenge within the backcountry. 

We often pedal up 4×4 roads and singletracks, as well as the occasional steeper section that requires pushing or carrying your bike uphill. When you reach the summit of your climb, the descent includes everything from flowy single tracks to steep and technical rocks and roots, with the occasional tight switchback to manage, all while you enjoy the views of la Meije and its icy blue glaciers hovering above town. 

Tour of the Plateau d’Emparis

One of the most beautiful mountain bike rides in the Alps

27-52 km and +922/-922 up to +2400/-2400

Perhaps one of our favorite tours here in La Grave, the views of the glaciers across the valley from the Plateau d’Emparis are incredible. From the small village of Chazelet, we cruise up the 4×4 road into the vallon de la Buffe. Once at the back of the valley, we make our way up to the Plateau with a mix of riding and pushing our bikes. The initial trail on the upper plateau is an incredible single track. As we loop around, the views of the opposite side of the valley start to come into view. The descents are incredibly fun as you ride through technical enduro single tracks and corners of packed dirt and alpine rocks.

Grand Tour of the Hamlets of La Grave 

Tour the historic villages surrounding La Grave while riding on fun singletracks

30 km +1109m/-1109m

A scenic loop for intermediate to advanced riders that tours La Grave and its neighboring hamlets: Villar d’Arène, Pied du Col, Les Cours, Les Hières, Ventelon, Les Clots, Le Chazelet, Les Terrasses, and finishing back to La Grave. This route tours mostly on the south side of La Grave which faces the glaciers and peaks surrounding La Meije while passing through old French villages, some more than 1000 years old. The majority of the climbs are on 4×4 roads, and most of the descents are fun technical singletracks.

Les Cerces

Come test your endurance on this epic ride over the Col du Galibier and into Les Cerces with incredible trails and unforgettable views

43 km +2080m/-2113m

Starting at the Col du Lautaret, we will climb up to the famous Col du Galibier, and then descend a fun and technical trail to the Plan Lachat. From there, we will gain the Col de la Paré on a combination of road, 4×4 road, and then head into the Cerces all on trails. Once we reach the Col de la Ponsonnière, we are rewarded with an incredibly scenic and technical descent to l’Alpe de Lauzet where we ride the Chemin du Roi, a rolling singletrack that finishes with a fun descent to reach the road. We finish with a short ride back up the road to gain the Col du Lautaret, where we can celebrate at the café!

La Malaine

Enjoy this incredible trail hidden above Bourg d’Oisans

14.5 km +813m/-1375m

Beginning just above Ornon, we begin climbing up the road which eventually turns into a 4×4 road. Once we veer off onto the trail, it’s a combination of pedaling, pushing and carrying our bikes to reach the top. But the efforts are worth it, because the descent back down to Bourg d’Oisans is incredible!

Le Mélézin

Come ride one of the best trails in mountains above Briançon

24 km +1242m/-1242m

Starting in the historic city of Briançon, we quickly leave civilization and climb up a 4×4 road to an old fortress, the Fort de la Croix de Bretagne. The history is rich in this city, and the ancient evidence is everywhere. We climb a bit more and then descend to the back of the Ayes valley. From here, we climb over to the small village of Le Mélézin, and then descend one of the best trails above Briançon.

Chazelet to the Refuge du Pic Mas de la Grave

A friendly introduction to mountain biking with incredible views

13 km +584m/-900m

After a quick shuttle to Chazelet from La Grave, we will climb the 4×4 road into the back of a quiet mountain valley. This climb has a gentle gradient, and is a great first mountain bike ride. A base fitness is helpful to enjoy the climb, but if you want to enjoy the views and not worry about your legs, remember that you can also use an electric mountain bike. After enjoying lunch at the Refuge, we descend the same road back to Chazelet while working on descending techniques, and then another trail all the way down to La Grave!